Musarrat Mohammed

Technical Art History Group at the University of Glasgow

Dr Musarrat Mohammed

Research Assistant in Polymer Mechanics

History of Art, University of Glasgow

Current Projects

Musarrat joins us in 2021 as a research assistant on the IMPASTOW (mechanisms of fatigue In Multilayer Paint SysTems On Wood) research project. This project focuses on understanding crack initiation and propagation in painted wooden cultural heritage induced by environmental changes. Cases studies focus on C17th Northern panel paintings from the National Trust, England but we will also be looking for case studies of painted wood from our own Hunterian collections.


Musarrat has a BSc (Hons) in Chemistry and a PhD in Polymer Chemistry, both from the University of Glasgow, and a Postgraduate Certificate in Advanced Academic Studies from the University of Strathclyde.

Over the years, Musarrat has been involved with multidisciplinary research projects across physical and biological sciences, biotechnology, and engineering at various UK Universities and industries. His research experience includes synthesis and physio-chemical characterisation of polymers and polymer-hydrogels; investigation of thermal stability and degradation mechanisms of polymers and polymer composites; designing, formulation, preparation and characterisation of water-based polymer and biopolymer solutions to be used as coatings, surfactants, dispersants and for various other applications; experimental design, preparation and characterisation of novel drilling fluids; utilisation of biomass from various waste streams and renewable resources to produce bio-adhesives and biofuels (e.g. bio-oils and bio-gases); extraction and separation of biomaterials from seafood waste and their characterisation and modification for various applications; and methods development for electrospinning of various polymer and polymer-composite solutions to produce micro- and nanofibers.

Before joining the Technical Art History Group, Musarrat was a part-time lecturer in Polymer and Polymer Composites at the University of Strathclyde.