Michela Botticelli

Colour portrait photograph of Michela Botticelli, researcher and TAHG member

Dr Michela Botticelli

Research Assistant in Spectroscopic techniques on Paintings

History of Art, University of Glasgow

Current Projects

Michela joined us as a research assistant on the PISTACHIO (Photonic Imaging Strategies For Technical Art History And Conservation) research project. This project, carried out in collaboration with Heriot-Watt University and The Hunterian, focuses on extracting information about composition, structure and process of creation of artworks in a non-destructive way and by multi-disciplinary technical approaches.


Michela has a PhD in Earth Sciences from ‘Sapienza’ University in Rome, focused on the provenance of red pigments. She took a research fellowship at the same University, on the study of pottery from the archaeological site of Khalet al-Jam’ha, near Bethlehem.

Before joining our Technical Art History Group as a post-doc on the PISTACHIO project, Michela was a as scientific collaborator at Istituto Centrale per il Restauro, in Rome, for two years. There she studied mural paintings, ceramic, stones and glass artworks by using several analytical techniques, with a micro-destructive approach. Her research interests deal with archaeometric investigations on pigments to assess provenance criteria, to detect forgeries or contribute to a better knowledge of their production processes and trade routes. She is also interested in instrumental set-up and applications to study different kind of materials in a non-destructive or micro-destructive way, being this aspect so important when dealing with Cultural Heritage.

Useful Links

For more details, please check out Michela’s university homepage and ORCID entry.