Erica O’Neill

Black and white portrait photograph of Erica O'Neill, researcher and TAHG member at the University of Glasgow

Erica O’Neill

Research Assistant

History of Art, University of Glasgow

Current Projects

Erica worked with us as research assistant on the Power To Transform project tracing the development of stage cloths alongside the scenic artist profession in Britain, from the mid-17th century to the present day

Other research interests include: Dada & Surrealism; 20th century art and theory; avant-garde theatre & performance. Erica is working on a proposal for a ‘Tristan Tzara Retrospective’ for the Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art (2020) to coincide with the centenary of Paris Dada.


Erica has a MA in History of Art/Theatre Studies and a MLitt in Art: Politics: Transgression: 20th Century Avant-Garde from the University of Glasgow. She is currently an AHRC Doctoral Candidate in History of Art, where her research project, ‘Tristan Tzara: Performance and Exhibition Practice and the Emergence of the Performance/Theatre Dialectic,’ investigates Tzara’s distinct approach to theatre and how he envisaged the relationship between theatre, performance and visual art. This study will identify the implication for subsequent theatre and performance practice, and their demarcation as separate categories, of Tzara’s innovations.