Daniele Barbera

Colour portrait photograph of Daniele Barbera, researcher and TAHG member at the University of Glasgow

Dr Daniele Barbera

Research Assistant

History of Art, University of Glasgow

Current Projects

Daniele worked with us as a research assistant on the IMPASTOW (mechanisms of fatigue In Multilayer Paint SysTems On Wood) research project. This project focuses on understanding crack initiation and propagation in painted wooden cultural heritage induced by environmental changes. Cases studies focus on C17th Northern panel paintings from the National Trust, England but we will also be looking for case studies of painted wood from our own Hunterian collections.


Daniele has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Strathclyde and has been involved in numerical and experimental solid mechanics and structural integrity research. He recently completed his post-doc in computational mechanics within the Material and Manufacturing Research Group (MMRG) at the University of Glasgow, developing a new numerical framework to model solid-state friction welding in collaboration with Rolls Royce

Before joining our Technical Art History Group as a post-doc on the IMPASTOW project, Daniele was also responsible for the management of the experimental activities within the MMRG collaborating with other several academics. Dr Barbera has been also involved in the design and testing of ultra-thin composite structures for space application in collaboration with an Italian research group at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”. Besides this, he is active in the research community for the structural integrity of engineering structures with an emphasis on crack initiation and growth in harsh environments.